Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gingerbread Lumplings looking for Holiday Homes!

Goodness...So I know it's been forever & a day since I posted. Sorry about that!
However, we have 6 little GingerLumps looking for forever homes in the Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/amyrue

You CAN catch me, for I am the GingerLump...
desperate for my own forever home,
Hopefully, it's not a dump!
No more shall I roam!

So, click click click!
As fast as you can...
I'll be there before Old St. Nick,
Cause he's a slow, old man!

Just, uh...keep the foxes away,

A note from Amy Rue: GingerLumps are a Holiday tradition in my family. I usually make them for my children for our Winter Solstice & Yule celebrations.  Last year,  I was so very very proud as my little girl, age 6 at the time, sewed her very first Lumpling: a GingerLump that she calls Gingy. All of her little friends adore Gingy & I thought I should share our GingerLumps with everyone if they can bring more smiles out there!

GingerLumps have a fleece front, crisp cotton back & plastic safety eyes. They have buttons or tiny jingle bells down their bellies. The buttons are a mix of new and vintage.

I post more frequent updates over on Facebook where there is a Lumplings fanpage. I'd love for you to join me there & say Hello! Facebook has been great for posting pictures of Lumplings as I make them so you can have sneak peeks into who will be coming up for adoption soon.

Speaking of soon...We will have a small herd of bunny & kitty Lumplings making their way into the Etsy shop this next week! I'll update here when it happens!

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