Thursday, May 24, 2007

While the sewing machine is away....

....the Lumplings don't play!

I broke my beautiful new sewing machine.
Something about screwing up the timing. So she is off at the repair place to get her inside bits tickled.
The lady at the sewing machine store was so sympathetic, she didn't even accuse me of machine abuse once! She even petted the sewing machine and told me how sorry she was that it wasn't working.
This lady obviously understands the bond between a girl and her machine.
I do have some Lumplings done, just not too many of them have baby Lumps. I will still launch a new herd for adoption sometime in the next couple of weeks.

One more day of school left!

Today was award day at Finn's school. He came home with awards in Computer, Language Arts, & Music.

We are awfully proud of him!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama Day!

Hans & Finn surprised me with breakfast in bed.
Complete with fresh roses and mint from our garden.
I've never been so coddled!

Finn made this tile for me at school. The green lady is me...maybe with a perm? Check out my giant flowers!

Ella went into panic mode this morning when she saw Finn hand me a gift and wrapped up a shiny marble in Hello Kitty paper for me. She also drew this picture of wild sheep and their kitty. Um, I think the kitty is the one about to fly into the sun.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tea Towels & rosy woes

I'm a bad blog mama, that's for sure.

I think about making a post daily...but then I get distracted by pretty things, like my roses here!

Unfortunately, that Easter Freeze wiped out the blooms from my large rose bed in the front. Usually we would have hundreds of hot pink blooms right now, and I really mean hundreds, cars slow down in front of the house during the first bloom, people come to a sudden stop when walking by and ask about the type of rose bush.

A portion of the rose bed from last year in the first blush

But now, there are only a few little blooms. The bushes are not dead, and for that I am grateful, but oh how I miss the blooms.

When I'm not cursing Jack Frost, a whole lotta needle threading has been going on.

I adore travel tea towels, but I need something more absorbent in the kitchen for drying hands after washing. So I took these mint vintage towels, then I cut up some of my older terry cloth bath towels that had a few worn spots and smacked them together.

Well, maybe I didn't actually "smack" them, but I sewed them together like a pillow case and then did an extra stitch around the edge after turning them right side out so they won't warp in the wash.

So now I have pretty towels for drying my hands than I have been obsessively washing.

It's all about the pretty. And maybe the washing.

All of my efforts to give love to my kitchen didn't prevent me from dropping one of my favorite bowls last weekend. Later that same day I dropped one of my Smurf glasses too, but luckily that one didn't break.
Oh, the horrors if a Smurf glass breaks.
You understand, right? Right?