Wednesday, July 01, 2009

eh? Wot's wot!

"And I know 7 months is a long time...but I think that you will find, Lumplings are basically the same..."
-Song from Yom Yom Lumpling, with apologies to Depeche Mode

We have a new herd appearing on etsy:

I put some up tonight and more will pop up tomorrow (July 2nd)
Very sorry about the length of time that it has taken me to get this herd up for adoption. It's been a helluva a year!

I'm almost terrified of what this second six months will bring with 2009.
Wait, there isn't any "almost" about.
I might need diapers if I think about it too much.

If you follow my husband's blog/story then you know what I'm talkin' about.

If not...well, it's a sordid story of hospitals, brain lesions, cancer, not cancer, bleeding, more blood, children seeing blood, children thinking daddy was gonna die, mama thinking the same, and oh yay, the doctors also thought that...nice to be on the same page and all...ugh... shuffling sick husband on planes, husband doesn't know how old he is, how long have we been married? How did we get here? How old are the children? At least he always knew we had kids, small blessings, fitting for whole brain radiation, dear god the side effects, scans, more scans, living in the hospital again, again, brain biopsy, pain and more pain for him, no I can't effing eat or sleep, how could I? but then a light! A beam of hope in the form of infection (yes), strep?? In the brain??

Did you get all that? Yeah, me either. But it sure has taken up our year.
There has been good though... Hans' book came out and everyone loves it. We are all quite chuffed and proud of him. He is making a nice recovery, still in pain, but better all the time.

We are enjoying our summer with the kids and finding our rhythm in life again.