Friday, November 30, 2007

always in motion

Life has been hectic in Rue land, and I apologize to everyone waiting to adopt a Lumpling that it has taken me so very long to make a new herd!

I have a new herd almost ready...about a dozen of them.  I'll get pictures ready of them next week.

 I've just switched to a mac and I'm still learning all of the quirks.  The amyrue site is about to be overhauled, but maybe not in time for this new herd to launch. 

One of the obstacles in my way is that I haven't been able to transfer all of the email addys on the amyrue mailing list to the mac as a separate list!  So at this point I really don't know just how I'm going to email the list with the adoption news.  I might end up putting all of the names and addys in by hand.  Er, there are over 500 names on there!

We are hoping that switching to a mac will end all of my email woes.  On my pc I was getting about 800 spam emails a day!  It was overwhelming.  So if you have emailed me in the past six months and never heard from was probably lost in all that crazy spam.   

Oh! We took the kids to see Mr. Magorium's and unfortunately didn't spot the Lumplings.  Well, Hans claimed that he saw one, but I didn't!  But we waited around to the very very end of the credits and saw a wee thank you to Amy Rue which was pretty neat.  I know that we will get the dvd and comb through the shop scenes in slow motion!