Saturday, November 17, 2012

At the end of another Junior high school day Tracey & I were making our way out of the building, eager to be on our way home we said our goodbyes & parted.
Safe in the knowledge we would call each other in a couple of hours & see each other the next always. 

My steps were fast & sure, head down as I made my way to the bus (never make eye contact with crazy, mama always said & I was sure almost everyone there was crazy) when a small surprisingly strong hand grabbed the sleeve my leather jacket. 
Startled, I turned & there was Tra, her hair tousled from running after me. The red bricks of Marietta Junior High behind her dull compared to that beautiful red hair. 

She wanted to tell me that there was a song & it was OUR song, she said. 'Sister' from 7Seconds,she said. 
She looked so worried that I wouldn't get it that I assured her I would listen to it soon. 

 I didn't look up the lyrics until after our Tracey was long gone from us. I never told her how much it meant to me that she shared her feeling about this song with me. I never hugged her tightly, looked her in the eyes and told her that she meant so much to me. That her friendship made me feel whole. That meeting her in 5th grade honor band (I was 7th chair flute, Tracey was 6th...always a step ahead) is forever a huge event in my life. 

I never told her that she was my Soul Friend. I think she knew, but I regret not taking the time to say the words.

And now 18 years she's been is both an eternity & the blink of
 one brandy colored eye. 

Sister by 7Seconds

Please believe me, I'm on your side
Though I know I can't feel what you do
Can't see what you see
But my respect & love is deeper than you'll
ever really know
& I know it may be hard for me
to ever really show what's here inside

Friend, sister, see through hungry times we see the most
You're my family, I thank you for
the time you chose to be part of my life
You help me fight against the pain
I'll see you on the other side.

It never matters even when it's strained
Together we can make the world seem like the place it could be
& though the hate & anger come & goes
We'll walk along this road
Down a path where walls fall over
& fall down upon our heads & wakes again

We gotta cross this crazy bridge again