Wednesday, August 01, 2007

pussy cat wussy cat...

Mama! There are kittens underneath the Woodbridge!
Yeah? That's nice, sweetie.
One followed us here...can we keep her?
Uh, nope. Unless you learn to scoop cat poo.
She's so cute and black, Mama!
A black kitten? Uh oh.
Oh Dear.
Are we suckers?
Please meet little Miss Dibley, the newest member of our family, and our third black cat.
Dibley has a small white patch on her neck, like a Vicar. So we immediately named her after the Vicar of Dibley show that I love so much.
Our oldest cat, Tiggy, doesn't give a rat's ass about the new kitten, but Neko is out of her mind. Neko has been walking around pissed off at the world and growling at all of us.
Dibley is super sweet and just thrilled at having a bowl full of food in front of her. Tomorrow she goes for her first Vet visit and Ella is already worried about that thermometer going up the kitten's hoohaw.
Even though this has interrupted some Lumpling sewing time I still expect to launch a herd in about two weeks!

There are still three of Dibley's siblings living underneath the restaurant if anyone is local and looking for a new fur baby!