Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday Herd

Here come Lumpling paws! Here come Lumpling Paws!
Right down etsy lane!

Marzipan & Kringle & all their fuzzy friends
are all looking for the same!

Tiny bells ringing, Lumplings singing
Hoping for new homes

Get mouses ready, check your paypal!
Cause Lumplings are on the way!

Heya everyone!
I'm so excited to bring the newest herd to you!
We have a baker's dozen looking for new digs

They are all in my etsy store

I'm slow at getting them all there today....so there are about four that will go up later this evening.
I'll send out the bulk email this evening letting everyone know the Lumps are loose. I always let the blog know first!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, a Lumpling we will go!

Hey hot stuff, wanna come look at my singles profile?
I like long walks on the beach, champagne and peanut butter.

If you have a look see at my etsy spot you'll see the newest herd of Lumplings.
We have 10 looking for good homes!

I'm adding them right now, so there are only a few up.
The Lumpling stories come as I go along and sometimes they are hard to get information out of.

As always, I give the first heads up to adoption time here on the blog and I'll be emailing the Lumpling email list later.  I still have a whole bunch of new names and emails to update it with.

Hop on over and see if a Lumpling looks like 'the one'!

Monday, September 22, 2008

sneaking in

It's been a great long while, but I'm back with offerings of Fuzzy wee Lumplings.

We have ten lonely Lumplings looking for new homes over on my etsy page.

We've been so very busy in the Rue household,  that it would be impossible to list it all.  But school is back in and I've more time to devote to the lumpling adoptions.

So here we go again!