Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lumplings are like snowflakes...

It's snowing great big gorgeous snowflakes here in Georgia today. I've been hanging out next to the cozy fireplace with my rat terrier, Ollie Blue, watching a Lark Rise to Candleford marathon on PBS and listing new Lumplings in my Etsy shop.

Later on, my husband, Hans, and I will begin baking my Grandma Grace's special holiday cake for the Christmas orders that are coming in from our December Woodbridge Inn Newsletter. We have this recipe in Hans' cookbook & Hans came up with the idea of offering a fully done cake to our customers this year. I hope everyone loves the cake's orangey goodness as much as we do!
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Amy Rue

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gingerbread Lumplings looking for Holiday Homes!

Goodness...So I know it's been forever & a day since I posted. Sorry about that!
However, we have 6 little GingerLumps looking for forever homes in the Etsy shop!

You CAN catch me, for I am the GingerLump...
desperate for my own forever home,
Hopefully, it's not a dump!
No more shall I roam!

So, click click click!
As fast as you can...
I'll be there before Old St. Nick,
Cause he's a slow, old man!

Just, uh...keep the foxes away,

A note from Amy Rue: GingerLumps are a Holiday tradition in my family. I usually make them for my children for our Winter Solstice & Yule celebrations.  Last year,  I was so very very proud as my little girl, age 6 at the time, sewed her very first Lumpling: a GingerLump that she calls Gingy. All of her little friends adore Gingy & I thought I should share our GingerLumps with everyone if they can bring more smiles out there!

GingerLumps have a fleece front, crisp cotton back & plastic safety eyes. They have buttons or tiny jingle bells down their bellies. The buttons are a mix of new and vintage.

I post more frequent updates over on Facebook where there is a Lumplings fanpage. I'd love for you to join me there & say Hello! Facebook has been great for posting pictures of Lumplings as I make them so you can have sneak peeks into who will be coming up for adoption soon.

Speaking of soon...We will have a small herd of bunny & kitty Lumplings making their way into the Etsy shop this next week! I'll update here when it happens!