Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh me, oh my, amyrue.com is still down and out!
Which means that any emails coming to amyrue.com are lost lost lost!

If amyrue.com comes back up before Easter, and you place an order, it will not ship until after Easter.
I just gotta hope that anyone placing an order feels curious enough to check the blog here!
I usually put a note up on the website when there will be an order delay, but with the site down like it is, I can't do that.
But, fingers crossed, everything should be back online and on track after Easter for the Lumplings to come up for adoption! I have about twelve of them...although a couple might end up in the Easter baskets of two very special wee rug rats.
Fuzzy Lumpling hugs & kisses to everyone until then!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Lumpling Launch on hold

I really wanted to launch the newest herd this week, but we've been bogged down with email problems. I can imagine the nightmare it would cause if I didn't get emails during adoption time, and I don't want to live that nightmare!

two tiny lumps who really wanted to be adopted this week!
So we are switching providers for the amyrue site, which is the reason amyrue.com is down right now, and hopefully when I get back from Germany everything will be straightened out!
Ack, well, I hope. Computer stuff. Shiver.
Speaking of emails not getting through... if you sent an email to amyrue or luna7, and we did not reply, that means we didn't receive it because of these glitches!
Please write back...we like you, we really do, and we want to reply to you!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Three new pillows are finally up at amyrue.com.
It hasn't taken me forever or anything to get them here. Pfft.
Next we will have a Lumpling herd! I have to get this done by this week,
or it will have to wait until we get back from Germany.
So...I'm thinking maybe this Thursday?
I will see how far I get with sewing tonight, and if I can get everything done in time, I'll send out an update to the mailing list!
I have all of the big Lumplings finished, but now some of them need a baby Lump to hold. I have these cute as can be tiny baskets that I'm thinking of stuffing the bitty Lumps in for the Large Lumps to hold.
But sometimes these things don't work the same way that my mind sees it...so I'll just have to see how that goes!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And now we are...

And now we are.... seven, four and ready for spring!
I brought in forsythia branches a couple of weeks ago so that they could force bloom inside.
Here, in North Georgia, the forsythia is the first to shout "Spring!", and she isn't shy about it.
This is a picture of my smallest branches, poking out of an old silver mint julep cup, tarnished just the way I like all of my silver. It's much easier to say that you enjoy the tarnished look to avoid having to polish the silver every month.
The forsythia blooms have helped fuel our spring fever. Hans and I are already making our plans for the garden this year. I love this time when we dream up our next projects and almost itch with excitement to get back to our gardens.

And here we have the seven & four part of my life!
Ella's party was very exciting on Sunday. We had about 14 kids and their parents here to celebrate. Ella donned her party dress and showed true southern roots when she refused to wear shoes as well....just like her mama! We love to admire and buy shoes, just not really wear them so much!
There is a matching dress for her favorite baby doll, Coco. Coco also refused foot wear.

In a couple of weeks our crazy family will be heading to Germany. Finn & Ella will get to meet all of their Uncles and cousins, and we will somewhat follow the Grimm Brother's fairytale way as we visit some of the smaller towns.
Hans and I haven't been to Germany since 1995, when he asked me to marry him in Berlin.
He thought this through and waited until we were in a country where I couldn't speak the language so that I couldn't run very far!
Smart boy.
This trip will obviously be very different! We haven't taken a plane ride this long with the children before and I really hope we all handle it well!
I hope to have a Lumpling herd come up for adoption before we leave. Be sure to keep an eye on your email for the next amyrue.com announcement!

Monday, March 05, 2007


If you read my husband, Hans' blog, then you already know that his PET/CT scans came out clean....NO CANCER! We don't have those biopsy results back yet, but the doctor said that he didn't see any cancer down there.
How fabulous is that?
We were both nervous, but putting on brave attitudes for each other. His surgeon, Dr. Hofstetter, was the first to tell us that the scans looked good and he just breezed by with that information. I had to interrupt him (goes against my southern girl training in manners!), and ask him to repeat it.
We were on a total high as we went to the airport to begin our journey home, but due to the storms across the SouthEast ended up waiting for 7 hours for the plane to take us home!
But that was ok... no cancer!

Now, this little girl here is too little to know just how important this past week was to her life.
All she knows is that this week she turns FOUR!
My baby, my little possum girl is going to be 4!
We are going to have a great big party with a Winnie The Pooh cake and balloons.
Ella is talking about her party non stop, I have no idea what she will talk about after this!

Ella at a party last weekend giving the blowy thing a go. What are those things called? I've always called it the blowy thing, I'm sure that's pretty wrong.

For the rest of this week I'll be cleaning the house and getting everything organized for the big day. Hell, we'll call this Spring Cleaning! Two birds with one stone type of thing.