Monday, April 10, 2006

~You know I even think that she smiled like you, She used to just stand there and smile,
And her eyes would go all sort of far away, and stay like that for quite a while~
-the cure
Lakewood was wonderful, and we all came away with treasure. My son, Finn, found a penny and some lovely crushed bottle caps on the ground, and those were gently tucked in his pockets. We purchased three outstanding little marbles from a vendor for him and a comic book at another. He said to me, with a great big sigh, that this was his Best Day Ever.
And then about thirty minutes later he wanted to know just when I'd be done so that he could go home. My finicky Finn.
My daughter, Ella, was busy showing off her pretty dress and haircut to the
'Ladies Who Like to Coo'. Ella can always find these ladies, no matter where we go. Ella also purchased three marbles and a tiny tin cup with a kitten on it. Actually, I really wanted that cup to stick a Lumpling in it, but Ella has claimed it. I was lucky to even get the picture of it!

I found this great bunny with his egg cart from a nice lady for only a couple of dollars. The ribbons were so lovely that I couldn't leave them! The velvet one is vintage and hand dyed.

This is Ella's adorable cup. She'll have to watch her mama's sneaky ways with this one. I really like this.

Here is a picture of almost all of our loot. The picture is missing the comic books, marbles and a group of antique glass head pins from Germany that I scored.
That bowl is gorgeous! It's huge and full of crazing and now I have it all washed on on our German Easter tablecloth in the dining room. I really wanted to purchase something from the guy who had it. He was all scruffy with a pipe hanging out of his face and he had jazz playing. When you walked up to peer in his boxes, he would grumble out around the pipe, telling you to start digging and find something. Hell yeah, I'll dig for a bowl like this!
The tin cups make me smile with their age worn look. There was another tin cup in the bunch that was very nice, a little bit heavier than these, but the man running the booth looked slightly alarmed when I asked him how much he wanted for it. He gingerly took it from my hands and said, "well now...I think that I need to keep this one" I smiled, and assured him that I understood, because I feel the same way with the Lumplings... I don't quite want to part with them. He hurriedly offered us a deal on the group of four matching tin cups, I think to appease what he must have seen as a crazy family ravaging his table.
We had corn dogs and IBC root beers in the brown bottles for lunch, followed by a sinful funnel cake. My poor children had never had funnel cake before! Hans has been paying for eating that corn dog. With all of his surgeries to remove the cancer and put him back together again his digestion is totally different and we just never know what will hurt him. Note to us: Corn dogs are not a good idea when you only have half a stomach.
I've shipped out all of the Lumps thatI worked on this weekend and they were so cute that I felt a pang while packing them up. But I know they will make someone (and maybe lots of someones) smile.


lulu said...

Hi Amy,

Sorry to have missed so many of your posts!

It sounds like you had an ideal day with the family and, my, what treasures you found!!! I, too, have a weakness for crazing, especially if it is has that certain glow from staining and oxidation.

Ella's cup..... if only she realized how many people are going to long for that little cup... it is beyond cute!!!!

Finn... doesn't that tug at your heart when thay say something like that... to be there with them on their "best day ever"...

I certainly hope that Hans quickly recovers from his corn dog! Poor man... he really sounds like something extra special.

Thanks for sharing your adventure... I haven't made it out on a treasure hunt in so long ... at least I got to hear about yours!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a fun collection!! The velvet ribbon is something I would grab in a heart beat too!!