Saturday, April 08, 2006

Go out and play!

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. -Mae West
In the morning we are going to Lakewood Antiques Fest in Atlanta!
Lakewood happens only one weekend a month and it's huge, filled with vendors indoors and out. I like the vendors outside; they are usually less expensive and have more of the junk treasure that I enjoy.
I have a list, and oh, how I love lists, of things that I want to find. I need more tiny buttons for Lumpling eyes, more vintage fabrics for Lumplings dresses, a shallow drawer to make into a ribbon organizer, a table for my patio, and it goes on and on. There are many times that Hans and I leave Lakewood with nothing in our greedy paws, and that's ok too because I just like to experience it.
It takes a special breed to run these antique booths. I like the button ladies, with their millions of both shiny and dull buttons all organized in little boxes and old jars. They always have one big bin of buttons that haven't been organized yet and you can buy scoops of these for cheap!
Some of my buttons become faux flowers and live at the kitchen window:

My kitchen window holds many of our tiny treasures. Here is a wee metal dish with snail shells and glass critters nestled with other memories.

I hope that our kids are as excited about the outing as I am. Hans and I have been talking it up all day. Hans, of course, keeps telling them about a man who makes donuts fresh there. Usually, Hans and I make it a date day and go without the munchkins, but tomorrow will be special. Lately, the kids have really been having a good time pointing out things when we go to the local antique stores or thrifting, so I think that they are ready for a longer treasure hunt.

My foot is still swollen and very painful to walk on, but dammit, I'll just have to take breaks. Well, breaks and pain killers. Mm, those painkillers might make me a bit looser with my money. I'm usually pretty thrifty!

I'm up to my eyeballs in Lumpling fluff as I'm trying to finish a special project to go out by Monday. Then I can round up a new herd for the site. I love hearing from people when they get their new Lumplings. It takes a special kind of person to like Lumplings and to adopt them. A person has to be a bit off kilter, like me. And since I've grown up feeling isolated from a lot of people because of my likes and offbeat humor, it's amazing to realize that there are so many people out there who actually get it. I definitely receive a lot of blank stares when people see the Lumplings for the first time too.


Amy said...

Amy, what you said about it meaning so much that people "get" you now because of not being understood when you were coming up really struck a chord with me. I feel the same way when my quirkiness is celebrated. It feels like a soft home for my spirit. Oh, and I do love your Lumplings. I can't wait to give one a good home.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I like the button bouquet!!