Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Puppy Fluff and pearly whites

Our neighbor, Susan, bless her golden heart, has rescued five puppies and the mama dog. Our town is pretty teeny and we don't have a humane society so I think that she's going to be the foster doggy mom until homes can be found.
But the puppies keep escaping!
Yesterday, I saw what I was sure was a tiny ewok running through the backyard. I get outside and corner the puppy feeling pretty proud of my wild animal rustling skills when Susan comes and tells me that there are five pups and not just the one that I was terrorizing! So she patiently caught them all yesterday and bathed them. But I just saw a furrball outside the window, so I'm pretty sure they have flown the coop again. Puppies are darling, but I'm just at a stage right now where I don't want to deal with poop.
When Hans and I first started dating I had five dogs and thirteen cats. My cats would all follow behind me if I took a walk and I just loved that. But now I have two cats and it feels like the right number.
My three year old had her first dentist visit yesterday and didn't flip out once! You never know with her...she can be fine one second and then the next you have to duck to avoid flying objects.
Our six year old is a pro at the dentist now and knows how to be calm and sweet until the end when they let him get a toy out of a basket. And now everyone has pretty shiny teeth!
I messed with the amyrue site today some with the header image and 'about' pages. I should be sewing Lumplings for the next herd, but there is always this evening!

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