Monday, April 17, 2006

~and i'll be perfect in my own way
when you cry i'll be there
i'll sing to you and comb your hair
all your troubles i will share~
-Everything but the Girl

Ella woke first on Easter and came to our bedroom, as she always does. As she climbed on my head, she demanded to know just why did the Easter Bunny leave such a "BIG MESS" of jelly beans down the hall. I'm pretty sure that I just sighed for an answer. A few minutes later, long legged Finn came bounding down the hall, shouting that the Easter Bunny left a trail of glorious jelly beans down the hall, leading to his Easter Basket! Ella glowered at him.
Ella was soon in a candy daze and the children plucked out and examined every bit of candy.
They each got a new Lumpling from us, along with the candy and silly putty.
And last night, before going to bed, I looked out the front door just in time to see THE Easter Bunny in the front lawn. He was brown and not as sparkly as I thought he would be, but adorable. And if I find out that he was eating my flowers... he'll be in deep dooky.

Here is a picture of a corner on the patio. Hans and I have taken to filling this corner with things that we love and it has taken on both of our personalities. The pillows, birdcage, tree lights, and wire furniture is all me and all of the pots full of spiky bromeliads are all Hans. The table that we made on Easter is a mix of us.

The kids have been with Hans' parents all day long. I always feel kind of lost and confused if they aren't by my side and I miss them. I did a few errands and came home to work on Lumplings. Tomorrow, I will put up for adoption the little guys that I made. It's a set of three tiny Lumps in tiny vintage cups. I'm in love with these cups, but maybe there is someone out there who will love it even more when stuffed with Lumplings.

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