Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Lumplings have all found new homes! Adoption day is always hopping around here. I get very nervous, of course it can be said that I'm a nervous person already, and my organizational skills get tested. There is a flurry of typing and making notes on my graph paper that I keep near the computer. But it is most exciting and now we print out the adoption certificates and pack them up safely with lots of tissue paper and a sturdy little box.

Earlier in the day we hit a local show of Arts & Antiques in the Garden, where I was hoping to score some unique plants or vintage items, but unfortunately, it seemed smaller than last year and didn't have a thing that we wanted. I left, sighing and empty handed.
A local antique store did have a few treasures for me in the form of three tiny tea cups.
Here is one of the tiny pin Lumplings in the larger tea cup.
Yesterday, Ella and I made a sock bunny out of one of her baby socks and it is the cutest damn thing. If I can wrestle it from her, I will get a picture and post it. I'm thinking that I need to make more, call them Sockling Bunnies and stick them all over the house. They are a good size to stuff with catnip and see if it can entice my fat cats into playing too.
For now I get to sit back with my sweet tea and some Lloyd Cole playing and finally relax.

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Dhube said...

Congratulations!I am happy that the Lumplings have all found new homes! :) Someday I hope to have one!I see that you add me to yours links! Thank you!!!!