Thursday, April 06, 2006

And there are posies, round and sweet...

Her mind lives in a quiet room,
A narrow room, and tall,
with pretty lamps to quench the gloom
and mottoes on the wall.
-Dorothy Parker
Tiggy Foxtrot having a yowl
Tiggy is our crazy roly poly cat. She enjoys eating, meowing loudly and giving dirty looks.

Today, Hans received his new painting (I'm pretty sure that he's posting pictures of it on his blog...See the Hans link on the side there!) to add to our collection. Over the years Hans and I have proven to be dangerous collectors and we tend to go overboard. This is a picture of some of my old glass ball floats that I collect... if it's glass and a ball, then you can assume that I covet it.

I also collect sheep. Below is a picture of a glittery sheep...I'm pretty sure that I gasped when I saw him on a shelf a few years back. Glittery things do that to me. Hans likes to give sheep painting and drawings to me on special occasions and I now have the most beautiful collection which gives my heart a thrill!

Our Akebia vine is in bloom! The Akebia has to be one of the best plants that we've ever come across. Prolific and hardy, she rewards us with these beautiful little blooms every spring. They are supposed to smell like chocolate, but I've never picked it up...maybe my sniffer is broken.

Speaking of chocolate! Our friend, Kasra, just returned home from France and sent a beautiful package to us with mustards for Hans and chocolate for me. Kasra knows my soft points all too well. For my birthday, he gave me sheep figures and textiles from morocco that I admire every day. And now I will admire them as I stuff my face with fancy chocolate!

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