Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My mind wanders endlessly
On paths where she's leading me
With games that she likes to play
And words that she doesn't say
-depeche mode
Today, on our way to Target, Ella was very quiet in the backseat. Now, maybe with other children this isn't odd, but with our little chatterbox, it's very weird and unsettling, really.
We were soon to find out just what was on her mind...
"Mama? When I'm a big girl can I say Bad words?"
"uh...yeah, sweety. When you are all grown up, you can"
"Huh. Mama? When I grow up, can I drive the car?"
"mmm hmm...sure can. In fact, you'll be able to drive the car and say bad words at the same time, just like mama"
Hans gave us a treat by taking us down to Target and Ikea. How lucky is that!?
Target was full of women, mostly pregnant, attacking the Easter section. Which is the exact spot that I needed to be, so I had to fight my way to the chocolate bunnies. First I tried the "pardon me" method, but that didn't work... the women were transfixed and standing like cattle in the aisle. Then I had to pull out the Glare, and that worked like a charm. I have a great mean look that I spent many years perfecting and now I see Ella practicing her mean look in the mirror and I crack up.
My adirondack chairs that I ordered five weeks ago finally arrived today and I put them together this evening. Tomorrow, I will get a can of cobalt blue paint and go crazy on them.
There are some new Lumplings being born. But tonight I took a break and tried to make a bunny from a pattern that I got from one of my books, and this poor bunny is so sad. He really doesn't look like a very smart bunny. I think that I won't quit my Lumpling day job any time soon!

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lulu said...

Oh, Amy!! Show us your bunny, please... I will bet that it's adorable!

What a cute story about Ella. She's such a little beauty and she looks like a little Easter egg in that photo!

Have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!