Saturday, April 15, 2006

Burned Bunny

This is one bunny that will sleep well tonight.
This morning, Hans and I made a table for the patio out of a metal shelf and pipes. Sounds bizarre, but it's cute in an thrifty industrial sort of way.
Next, we all went to a neighbor's house for the the grand Easter Egg Hunt. I get burned every Easter included. We asked what sort of food could we bring and they only wanted condiments. Poor Hans was like, "wait...I'm the guy that was on Food Network and you only want me to bring the condiments?"
Finn and Ella had a blast gathering up eggs and then spent the rest of the day begging me to let them eat all of the candy. I try to be all responsible and not let them eat it all at once, but that's just what I did as a kid. Ate the whole damn thing in one sitting.
Ella wore one of her pretty dresses and when someone complimented her on it, she said, "I know! Mama got it for me on Ebay!". You know you have an Ebay problem when your three year old knows what it is!
We came home and made jello beans, jello eggs and colored our Easter eggs. Earlier in the week, Finn, Ella and I painted eggs, covered them in glitter and tied them to our Easter Tree. Every year we gather branches, put them in a pretty vase and call it our Easter Tree.
The rest of the day was mainly spent outside. Ella put on her new bathing suit and I rubbed her down with soap and hosed her off in the backyard. She was pretty tickled by our white trash display, and giggled and shimmied all over. Finn gave himself a fat lip by flipping his skateboard into his face (yeah..we do keep telling him that you aren't supposed to ride with your face) and I whipped out the "Boo Boo Bunny" from the freezer for him. He was slightly mortified to be holding a baby blue bunny on his face for the next half hour.
And now the Easter bunny has filled their baskets and they each have a new Lumpling waiting for them. All that has to be done now is a trail of jelly beans from their rooms to the baskets. And I will drop on my face.

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