Sunday, April 30, 2006

visions of quilts danced in my head

Enter this deserted house
But please walk softly as you do.
Frogs dwell here and crickets too.
Ain't no ceiling, only blue.
Jays dwell here and sunbeams too.
Floors are flowers - take a few
Ferns grow here and daisies too.
Swoosh, whoosh - too-whit, too-woo
Bats dwell here and hoot owls too.
Ha-ha-ha, hee-hee, hoo-hoooo,
Gnomes dwell here and goblins too.
And my child, I thought you knewI dwell here…
and so do you
-Sheldon Silverstein
I've been quiet. Quiet is hard to achieve around here. Hans always jokes that Ella doesn't have volume control...He's right; I've looked all over her for the magic volume button. We even asked the doctor at her 3 year checkup to test her hearing. Her hearing is fine, the doctor says, she's just trying to make you slowly insane.

But I've been quiet because I've been sewing. First, I finished a quilt that I started for Finn months ago. Great big blue and green squares with bubbles of fabric on some of them. Some of the bubble circles have an octopus swimming by. It's on his bed now, and I think he's kind of proud of it. You can see a wonderful skeleton doll that I got for him from an extremely talented girl on Etsy this past Christmas and his skeleton pillow that I made last year. Finn loves funny skulls, he draws them on everything. He even has Docs (shoes) that I painted green skulls and flames on for him and we all envy those shoes!

Next, I did a small quilt for Ella. Ella's quilt might look haphazard to some, but to us, it makes perfect sense! Any fabric that I pulled out of my fabric closet (yes, there is an entire closet just for my fabric, and yes, I do have a problem) that made Ella go, "OH! Mama! I just LOVE it!" got used for her quilt. So there are kitty cats, pillow ticking, polka dots and florals with all of her favorite colors.

Finally, her quilt is on her bed. This bed is very special... both of my brother's slept in this bed as toddlers, I slept in it until I was 8 and Finn slept in it until he got too tall.

We had a lovely matching armoire, with a bonnet top and big roomy drawer on the bottom. But when I was a teenager a man offered to fix something on the armoire for my Mother. He took it to his home and wouldn't return it to us. He finally told my mother that it sure would be a shame if something was to happen to her and her kids, seeing as how she was a single mother without anyone to protect us. His threat worked, and we never saw the beautiful armoire again. But the bed is more important. I heaped all of my stuffed animals on that bed and would burrow underneath them and felt safe and snug, but I never had a quilt as wonderful as Ella's!

This is a mini fabric picture that I'm working on. The background is a vintage linen placemat and I'm just at the stage where I'm sewing the images on.

But have no fear, Lumpling lovers, I've been working on the Lumps too! Tonight will be devoted to them. I just really wanted to get the kids some summer weight quilts done before they reach an age where they no longer want me to make things for them!


Anabel said...

Lovely blog!

Belle-ah said...

Amy - love the quilts. You are one talented lady.

Anonymous said...

I think between you and Hans, I'll never have to buy another book! You both pull me in to your worlds with such great story telling, warmth, joy, and on and on. Thank you for your truthfulness about your life experiences. I can't wait to adopt a Lumpling or 2 for my Jolie. She too, loves Laura Ingalls and is a creative soul as well. You create such beautiful pieces. I'd love the opportunity to meet you. Prayers for you and Hans and your whole family... daily.

Sincerely, J Bauer