Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dang! Update this thing already!

A rare egg cup Lumpling.
Odd pudgy Lumplings that do not seem to have any legs...they prefer to be snuggled into an egg cup.
Just don't try to crack his head!
We've been so busy around here with holiday stuff. But the tree is down, the candy canes have been put away and a new year is at hand. Hans went back to work yesterday, Finn will go back to school tomorrow, while Ella and I will hopefully fall back into our daily routine.
Routines are nice. Boring is lovely.
My xmas gift from Hans was a fancy sewing machine! Right now the machine and I are getting to know each other and it has involved much cussing on both parts, but I've almost tamed it!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, the requisite swearing at new machinery! Why is it that a new machine requires swearing at it to work properly? Mine wants that, too. Probably always will since I have a manual aversion and only consult it after I have screwed up some important function. I might learn someday, but probably not.