Tuesday, January 16, 2007

7 x the baby boy love

My little boy is 7...SEVEN years old.
Geez louise...Did I blink or something?
We took Finn to his favorite Japanese restaurant where he had the choo choo train onions and his favorite sushi. The Chef discovered that Finn would try any sort of fish and kept stealing sashimi off of Opa's (Hans' Dad) plate to give to Finn.
The whole staff came out to sing to Finn and gave him a pineapple boat, complete with a candle.
Finn squirmed during the singing, but was thrilled with all of the special treatment.
We've been non stop celebrating his birthday since Saturday when we took all of the kids to the movies. The movie party was great and all of the kids had a wonderful time. On Sunday, we took Finn & Ella to the Build a Bear place at the mall where Ella got a Hello Kitty and Finn came home with a fuzzy frog. Monday was the Japanese dinner and today, Finn brought cupcakes for his entire class at school!

See, here is where I blinked... I'm pretty sure that I took this picture of cute little drooling baby boy just the other day.

But no, here is the picture I took the other day...complete with cupcake crumbs.

At this time, seven years ago today, the doctors were just deciding that I should have a c-section. They had been trying to induce labor for three days and my body wouldn't budge. I was at the point where my blood pressure was too high and it was dangerous for both me and Finn.

I'll never forget the nurse getting me ready for the epidural. She told me to sit on the edge of the bed and touch my toes.

Do what?!?

Touch my toes?!?

Are you freaking kidding me, lady? I haven't seen my toes in months! I don't even know if they are still there!!

That nurse ran away.

Everything went so quickly from there, and I was in an operating room with chatty doctors and Hans by my side. The Doctors stopped chatting suddenly and everyone was super quiet. We were told that Finn was breach, or head up, and the cord was wrapped around his neck.

If I would have gone into labor, Finn would have most likely been strangled by the cord.

There are so many times in our lives where we are just on the edge of something huge and awful happening to us. Sometimes we fall in and it is Cancer, but sometimes we turn away suddenly and are holding a beautiful pink baby.

So here's to all the times that we either turn away suddenly, or crawl out of that huge and awful hole by our teeth.

Because, Hell, Hans and I have done both now.

And here's to everyday being as special as a baby boy's birthday!


little lovelies said...

No, there isn't anything more special than our boys' birthdays, is there? I felt like you do for my baby boys thrid birthday, so I guess this is how its going to be every year, huh?

Your boy is just darling! I love that he loves sushi, good boy! I also love that you do weeklong birthdays, so do wee. I love to drag out the fun as long as possible.

ramona said...

he has the most beautyful eyes ever. congratulation for his birthday and for you to be blessed with such a wonderful guy.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say the same thing Ramona said...Finn's eyes are amazing! I know what you mean by the blink of an eye...my "baby boy" turns 25 in April.When did that happen?!Both your children are so darling.

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Amy--I read your beautifully written post with tears in my eyes. Big birthday wishes from another mom who is afraid to blink too often! xo-Melfie

jen b said...

Wow I guess everything happens for a reason. Happy belated birthday Finn.

Colleen said...

What a beautiful boy! I came to your blog after I saw your comment on the Wee Wonderfuls blog where you mentioned that your son is named Finn. I also have a boy named Finn. He picked out the fuzzy frog when we went to Build a Bear, too! Thanks for sharing Finn's birthday celebration. (I have a little girl named Maeve, but Ella was on our short list of girl names!)

Alicia A. said...

Amy- This is absolutely beautiful.

I wish ONLY the best for you and your loved ones for a long, long time.