Friday, January 12, 2007

The Lumplings and the Shoe Lover

Lots of little Lumplings coming into being! I'll be working on them tonight, as I fear what tomorrow will bring me. Somehow, Hans and I agreed to take Finn, Ella and TEN other little kids to the movie theatre for Finn's birthday.
Wait. Pause here. My little boy will turn seven next week.
Holy Crap.
Ok...back to our crazy outing. I think Hans must have agreed to this; I don't think that I'm quite that insane. Maybe? Ok, maybe I am, but I obviously need to be medicated.
Finn is really happy about going and I'm sure I'll have a good time once we get popcorn and drinks for everyone and get them all seated and quiet. Did I say Quiet? Pfft.
Luckily, all of his friends are really good and sweet kids. No popcorn throwing hellions in the bunch.
Except for me, of course.

A quilted pillow that will soon go up on Just a few bits left to finish.
The cotton has a beautiful feel to it and the quilting only enhanced that. So we are left with a soft, but sturdy, pillow.

New shoes make me pretty happy. Mustard colored shoes make me even happier.
So tomorrow, I'll wear my lovely new yellow shoes and herd small children in public.
Yeah, I feel the envy.
But it is really great, in a strange sort of way, that Hans and I are able to do what we do after this past year and a half.


little lovelies said...

Super cute almost lumplings, super cute pillow, super cute shoes!

Have fun tomorrow! That is something I would agree to and my husband would call me nuts for. It will be great!

k8tykat said...

love those shoes and ALWAYS love the lumps. btw : just had luch with a dear friend who had those same shoes in cherry red. i loved them too.

Miss Dot said...

oh I would need more than ONE pair of new shoes for THAT outing! BEST of luck.

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Love the shoes!! And I think your outing sounds great(well, maybe because my kiddos didn't ask for a movie party for either of their birthdays)! But, your kids are only little once--and they grow way too quickly--I just brought my boys home yesterday and now they are 11 and 8! Yikes! Finn will love this! Hope you all have fun! And you have a nice, big margarita later as a reward! I love that pillow by the way!! xo-Melfie