Thursday, December 21, 2006

We Want Some Figgy Pudding

Our new German gummy bear ornament:

In Lumpling news:

I've been working down the line of people who emailed regarding the extra Lumplings. There is just one Lumpling left! I'm waiting to hear back from someone about it and if they don't want her I'll keep on moving down that list.

I will, of course, email the rest of the people on the list with my apologies if this Lumpling gets adopted before her picture gets sent to all.

I was so surprised at how many emails I received regarding these extra Lumplings! I had no idea there were so many of you out there reading this blog!

I feel slightly paranoid now. In a good way!

Last night I taught the children how to make paper snowflakes. We made several each and taped them in the front window.

While we were cutting away our snowflakes the doorbell rang and I almost didn't answer it because it was dark and I couldn't imagine who would be here that late, but then I could see the glow of what looked like a lot of candles and I opened the door to a group of people singing christmas carols!

I've never had that happen before and I wasn't sure what to do really... so I stood there holding Finn and Ella next to me like the people do in commercials. I couldn't help thinking that maybe I was supposed to tip them or something.

At the end of the song the loudest singer barely finished the last line before saying "That's enough", and they all took off.

It was a slice of suburbia that I've never had before. I grew up in a nice suburb of Atlanta and people there would never dare come to our house to sing. We had a reputation as a party house and the neighbors hated us!

My mom had a soft spot for kids whose parents had tossed them out...for some reason that happened to a lot of kids I knew growing up. But mom took them all in and they would sleep in our basement. You could walk down there at any point in the day and see at least five guys sprawled out asleep. We had pot heads, skin heads, skaters, hippies, punks, death rock kids and everything in between living with us. And my mom was known as the coolest lady around. Here she was a single mom to three kids and she took everyone in and fed them without complaining. I seriously don't remember her ever bitching about it.

Oh, and we had five dogs and about thirteen cats... so the neighbors really hated us!

Usually my communication with our closest neighbors involved my middle finger and turning up Siouxsie & the Banshees a bit louder.

Heh. Yeah. Good times.

But our neighbors here are so nice that they sing to us!

And tomorrow we've been invited to a neighborhood Christmas party!

As Mama would say: Hot Damn!

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