Saturday, December 16, 2006

about those extra Lumplings...

Just a quick note to let everyone
know that I've gotten all of the emails asking about those extra Lumplings!
I will reply to everyone tonight!
I've had more requests than I have Lumplings, so when those Lumplings are all done and ready to be adopted I will start down the line of people and email with a Lumpling picture and a chance to adopt it. If rejected, then I move to the next person.
Is this Lumpling Pimping?
Should I wear a fancy fur coat while doing this?
In other news!
All of the Lumplings that were paid for last night went out this morning and will be coming to everyone via UPS. I like UPS this time of year because we can track those little suckers.
And really, the ladies at the post office start to look a wee bit psycho with Christmas cheer. I'm afraid of them at Christmas. Hell, I'm a little afraid of everyone around Christmas.
But it doesn't feel like Christmas around here... over 70 degrees people!! Jeez Louise!

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