Thursday, December 07, 2006

This week my mind has been focused on the Kim Family.
My heart and my prayers go out to brave brave Kati Kim and her beautiful little girls. I hope that in this time of sadness that she can feel all of the warm thoughts being sent her way from people all over the world.
Wee felt trees came together for our Holiday village last night. Lucky for me this is sturdy wool felt because I'm too lazy too add a bottom and stuffing. Maybe I should pink the bottom edge?
I found a wooden village to put together for super cheap on Ebay and I've been wrestling with hot glue and small wood bits since yesterday.
The village will probably just get painted white until I feel all more holiday crafting urges next year... I might already be tapped out this year!
We had such a nice time at Disney World. They even had a Santa there for my kids to attack.
Thank goodness this was the first year that Ella didn't scream and claw her way over my head to get away from the evil Santa. She always remains calm until that last crucial moment when Santa beckons and you start that slow walk to him... all Hell breaks loose!
But this Santa at Disney was a smart Santa. He came through the line and introduced himself to Finn & Ella before they came into his area. Good Santa.
Last night I also worked on the next herd of Lumplings. I really hope to have a decent amount of them for the next adoption...complete with babies and tiny ornaments. I started making the wee felt trees to go with the Lumplings, but it didn't quite work out the way I was it was off to the village for them!


Sara said...

Seriously Amy, I've been anxiously checking your blog daily for Lumpling updates. I'm begining to think I may have OCLD. {obssesive compulsive lumpling disorder}

Can't wait to see the new herd!
Glad you had fun @ Disneyworld.


k. orr said...

welcome home, amy...looking forward to the lumplings!
-a loyal lumpling lover