Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is it safe to come out?

Whew! All of the Lumplings were adopted after only being up a few minutes!
I've replied to everyone and sent out the invoices... err, if you haven't heard from me, or didn't get an invoice please let me know!
I'm pretty sure I'll need botox to get rid of this crease between my eyebrows and little finger splints. As I'm typing to people and updating the site with which Lumplings are adopted, I found myself with my face all squinched up and typing like a maniac.

Neko the crazy kitten gets very concerned whenever she spots us packing up Lumplings.
Neko is very much into comfort plushies. She doesn't play with the Lumplings that will be on the site, but the kid's Lumplings are attacked and snuggled daily.
Our kitten carries around a tiny fleece dragon finger puppet. She flings it into the air and runs all willy nilly around the house with it between her teeth. Sometimes she'll hide it from herself and act all surprised when she uncovers it later.

A close up of Treat. I freaking love Treat, he kind of has a glum expression. It was Hans' idea that I make a little candy corn buddy...and this from a man that doesn't even like candy corn!

Here's the gang, all together for the last time!

Now they are being boxed up and sent all over the world.

I hope that they bring some Halloween love to all of their new homes!


vegasandvenice said...

Well first of all Neko is the cutest kitten!! Second of all I am kicking myself in the shins for missing out!

The orange for Hallow is so completely perfect. May I ask where you got it? Will you be making any more in that Orange?

Thanks lovely! Have fun with all of those beautiful packages! Hugs!

amy rue said...

Neko is flattered!

I found the orange fabric at a big fabric store in Atlanta that mainly caters to designers. Fabric stores like that have a huge selection and usually better quality than what I find at a Joann's or Hancocks.

But the prices are steep at those places! The orange is a very sturdy cotton velvet and it feels lovely.

Back to packing up lumplings!

Anonymous said...

I tried so hard to get one and I take full responsiblity for the wrinkle and stress. The next time you make a batch of Lumplings, I'm going to do my best to get one. - Shae

carolyn said...

Only just found you, love the Lumplings but absolutely adore that photograph of Neko the cat.