Saturday, September 02, 2006

Giving Thanks

I am so grateful that Hans' PET scan came out clear. These words seem too small for how I feel... hardly eloquent enough for the true force of my emotions.
No Cancer. My birthday is next week and this is the best gift ever.
Now MD Anderson recommends that we come every six months, instead of every three as we did this past year. I feel pretty mixed about that; on one hand I want Hans to still be looked after closely, but on the other, we will have longer to act like a normal family again.
The doctors were alarmed at Hans' weight, so a feeding tube will probably go back in. We have experience with this, so at least it won't be foreign territory. I yanked the old one out of Hans' belly after he finished radiation last winter which his doctor had told me that I could do, but I guess he didn't really expect me to because he cracked up laughing when Hans told him. He said that he didn't expect any less from me. Which I think is another way of telling Hans that he's married to a weirdo.

The day before we left for Houston, we took the children up to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium and water park. It was a hot day, and there were entire families playing in the fountains, but Finn & Ella managed to eke out a spot to frolic.

Ella wore her Koi dress that I made for her a couple of years ago and we played 'camouflage the Ella' at the koi tank.

In Lumpling land we are in the beginning stages of a new herd. I like this part where I rummage through the fabric closet and find what will soon be a new Lumpling. Mohair, cashmere and minky, oh my! I have three pillows that are almost done and they will go online soon.

New products are being ordered for the Amy Rue store... things that I hope everyone likes as much as we do. The whole family is thrilled with how well the paper hold alls are doing; Ella gets excited everytime we ship them out. She carries her little pink ones around the house, full of play jewelry and princess lip gloss.


Jenn said...

that is such wonderful news!
I look forward to seeing all the new lumplings. I am so amazed at how much personality each one has. although, reading your descriptions about how much you put into creating them certainly explains it!

clarice said...

Amy I am saying praises for you !! Clarice

maggiegracecreates said...

I am so excited for you both. And for your family.

Have a beautiful day.

posy press said...

such great news...happy early birthday!

Belle-ah said...

Happy Birthday! My DS#2 has his Birthday today.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for your good news! Ella and Finn are so cute!

jen b said...

That is great news Amy! Happy birthday to you a bit early. Looking forward to the shop update.

weirdbunny said...

I love your daughters dress. Glad everythings ok with your husband.

I've put your blog on my side bar, hope that's ok?