Friday, September 22, 2006

The night is still
and the frost it bites my face
I wear my silence like a mask
and murmur like a ghost
"Trick or Treat"
"Trick or Treat"
The bitter and the sweet
~Siouxsie & The Banshees

I'm almost done with the newest herd of Lumplings.
Almost...barely...not quite yet!
But I'm thinking that they will launch early next week. Maybe Tuesday?
I'll be sure to update here and send out an email to the list when I know for sure.
The days and nights have been cooler here in North Georgia, and I'm revelling in it. I've been so ready for cardigan weather again. I've been on a cleaning streak around the house; windows and bathrooms positively sparkle!
Hans says that most people might get Spring Cleaning Fever, but I've always had Fall Cleaning Fever.
Hans and I are very proud that our son, Finn, tested so high that his school enrolled him in the 'Gifted Program'. I don't like that they call it "Gifted"... it just seems like an exalted label that might give some kids a big ego. Not saying that my kid will get a big ego...but, you know.
Hans said that for a while our school system called the class 'Discovery', and I like that... because it is a class where they are discovering new things.
Finn is a bit miffed that he still won't be learning science in school. He'll have to keep learning that on his own at home. My darling little nerd.
I was explaining to my daughter that women are born with eggs in their belly, and that maybe one day when she's married (!), one of her eggs will become a baby.
Trying to keep it simple, but honest.
Ella tells me, "Um, Mama, I don't have a baby in my eggs."
"You don't?" I ask
"nope, I got broccoli in my eggs"
Merry Fall Equinox everyone!


Ash said...

Congratulations to you and Finn. Our Sebastian is also in the 'gifted' program at school. It can be interesting and challenging with these bright little creatures :)

Korie said...

Oh Amy, how does one get herself on the coveted e-mail list? I keep checking back on the off chance I can get myself the perfect lumpling.