Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Halloween fever strikes

well i live with snakes and lizards
and other things that go bump in the night
cos to me everyday is halloween
I'm all sorts of eager itchy for Halloween. This is my favorite time of the year to shop and make things... Boo for my wallet, but yay for anyone that likes to adopt Lumplings!
The new Lumpling herd is coming right along! All of the Lumps are lovely fall and Halloween colors... a cute little batch of Halloweenies that I'm having a great time making.
Yesterday, I pulled out two great big tubs full of our Halloween decorations. The kids were jumping all around and chattering with excitement over each and every treasure.
I will restrain myself from decorating outside until October first, but inside the house is fair game!

Three new pillows just went up at amyrue.com!
We also have a couple of jars of Hans' new honey spice rub left. Ms Sarah over at Out of the Blue sold out in two days and I'm almost out at amyrue too! Hans is going to find himself back in that kitchen mixing if this keeps up!

The Drama of 'Little Guy'

Last year, while shopping at TJ Maxx Ella found this dusty little plushy for 99cents and fell in love. She named him Little Guy and has to have him every night to sleep. The Lumplings are understandably bitter about this, but Ella has no sympathy for them.

Little Guy's soft satin ears are falling off and he somehow has a slash across his face. We keep telling Ella not to play with knives, but you know how preschoolers are.

I knew that I would never be able to sew Little Guy's face and ears back without him looking like Little Frankenstein, so I began the search for a replacement.

After cursing people on Ebay a bit I finally won a new Little Guy and he arrived safely this week. I was biting my lip when I gave him to Ella, because you know this is kind of like an organ transplant...will it take or be rejected?

Sigh of relief that he has been accepted! and the old Little Guy is staying around to show the new Guy the ropes (and knives).

Little Guy is a Cozy Cradle doll from Manhattan Toy He's just the right size for little arms to cuddle and safe for even the smallest babes. I had to hunt a new one down Ebay style, but I highly recommend getting this toy to anyone with small kids!


Mama Urchin said...

If you are going with mass produced toys I do think Manhattn Toy is the way to go. They at least seem to have some attention to detail and no buttons. I can understand the lumpling's angst though.

Lisa said...

Those preschoolers. Ha! I'm loving this time of year, too, but haven't started the first bit of decorating for it. I feel all inspired now. :)

maggiegracecreates said...

too funny - my molly had this baby beans and she would get to smelling so bad because molly sucked on part of her in her sleep. I bought a new one but it was not an acceptable replacement. So now there are two babies in a bag with this story included. One is tattered - ratty- and actually pretty gross. the other is almost like brand new.

I am close by you guys - in north georgia - so happy to hear of hans good news.

teresa - comer ga

hannah said...

love your cushions they look yummy scrummy!

weirdbunny said...

In the uk people only decorate for halloween for the one day, however I've noticed in recent years shops are now selling halloween decoration on quite a big scale.