Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've been making these Lumpling applique pictures the past few days. I'm so nervous about Hans' tests next week that I haven't been able to concentrate on starting a new herd of Lumps, but these appliques have kept my hands busy.
Hans isn't feeling well... he's caught the same icks that I had a few days ago. He's home from work today and trying to sleep through this. He's desperate to catch a break; the shingles just stopped itching like mad a few days ago and now this awful cold.
I know Hans mentioned Robin on his journal the other day. We've been following Robin's story through his girlfriend's livejournal since last fall. I was blown away when I checked Melisa's livejournal on the 21st to learn that Robin had passed away. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer last August...the day after Hans' surgery. They had just found out that the cancer had returned at the end of July... it just all seems so sudden to fast.
One time, Sonja's (Hans' sister) doctors told her parents that her time had come, to gather the family to say our final goodbye. I was pregnant with Ella at the time and Finn was two. We flew up to Chicago immediately; sad and scared. When we walked into that hospital room, Sonja looked gorgeous. Sonja stayed strong for about a year and a half after that, before we lost her.
So maybe I thought it would be longer for Robin... I'm just so sad for his family. Even though I don't really know them. I'm thinking of them.

Hans brought these beautiful roses to me the other day, and I'm so in love with them (him too!).

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with those Lumpling appliques. Should I frame them, or make them into little pillows?


ramona said...

i am soo in love with the pumpkin! that's so adorable with the lumblings. dunno what you should do with them. where would you hange them if you framed them?

tender arts said...

All we can ever do is hope for the best, Amy. You and Hans have a knack for living couragously. I will be thinking about both of you. BTW, the darling appliques will make even more darling pillows!
((((Big Hugs))))

anniecars said...

Pillows, pillows,pillows:) I pray for you guys all the time. (((Hugs))).

samantha said...

I love the little applique's and think they would make great cute pillows. Beautiful flowers.

Belle-ah said...

I would love to see the applique's on a sweater or even a great fallish bag! Can't wait to see where they find themselves a home.