Friday, August 11, 2006

Here is a wee peek at some pillows that will go up at tomorrow morning!
No set time... It's the weekend and I have this ongoing fantasy that the children will let us sleep in. They never do. Too many important things for them to be doing; like tormenting each other and watching cartoons. One day they will realize just how great sleep is... and I will be there to laugh at them.

I've also got a pretty decent sized herd (good thing that didn't read 'turd') of Lumplings getting ready to launch next week. I will be emailing the Lumpling List with that update, so competition will be fierce! I'll update the blog with the date and time too.

Finn just finished his first full week of 1st grade! We are trying to find our rhythm with our new schedule... it always takes us a few weeks. My mind moves at sloth like speed and change screws it up every time. Finn's very excited about school, but a little let down that they won't be teaching chemistry to him this year. Eh? Finn is a fountain of strange knowledge and thirsty for more.

Ella spotted a bottle of wine on the counter and demanded to know just what that bottle is. I told her that it was wine, but not the kind of whine that she has perfected, but the kind of wine that her mama thinks of when she hears an Ella whine. By this time we were both confused, but Ella really wanted to try some. She was fed up with me when I told her that she had to wait until she grew up to have wine and stomped off muttering, "when I grow up, I'm gonna say bad words, drive and drink red wine!". I'll save the lecture about drinking and driving while swearing for when she gets her license. She's all impatient to grow up and I'm eager for her to stay tiny.

We will be heading to MD Anderson for Hans' one year checkup at the end of this month. this will be a big one with lots of scary tests for him to go through to make sure that the cancer is still gone.

There's a trashy novel calling my name... I'll post the pillow update in the morning!

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weirdbunny said...

Love the colours on those cushions!