Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whistle while you work

Here is the recipe for our all purpose cleaning powder.
I keep small shakers of this next to sinks and a larger jar for carpet sprinkles.
The nice thing about this is that you not only save bunches of money by not buying so many different cleaning supplies, but you know exactly what's in this and that it's safe for your family.
It works like a charm and your house never has that synthetic cleaning product smell!

Please be careful with rosemary oil when pregnant; it's strong stuff!
Lavender oil is perfect for cleaning bedrooms and children's's a natural disinfectant. Lemon or Peppermint oil give the kitchen a crisp clean feel.
I'm in cleaning mode still, even though I feel pretty icky run down with a cold.
I really want to have another batch of Halloween Lumplings up this month, but I avoid working on them when I have a cold. See, I have enough paranoia for us all!
Instead I've been cleaning our studio space and doing tons of laundry. My laundry must be related to rabbits because I swear it breeds more laundry in those baskets when I'm not looking.
While it still looks a cluttered mess, it's actually clean to me!


danielle muller said...

thanks for the recipe...sounds wonderful! i will whip up a batch this weekend. hope you are feeling better soon!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Now there is an idea I can create and use!! Thanks!! I will do that today, with rose oil!

Cecilia said...

great recipe. another one i like is vinegar & water as a glass/all purpose cleaner? essential oil works wonders at masking the vinegar smell!