Monday, October 30, 2006

Making Halloween!

We've been busy little Halloween bees around here. Last week, Hans and I took the children to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, and it was wonderful. We watch that movie every single year, and it was special to see it in a new way this year.
Saturday was party day here and we invited our friends and neighbors over for cupcakes and general mayhem. All of the kids dressed up and most of the parents too! We had faeries, genies, princesses, scarecrows, skeletons, puppies and kitties too.
I was a pirate wench...but Ella did not approve because I was lacking a proper hat.
The house was shiny clean before the party and decked out in all of it's Halloween finery.
"What do you do with all of this Halloween stuff the rest of the year?!" was heard more than once.
I never have any structure to our parties. It's just a general invite to come into our home, eat snacks and drink. One little girl came up to me early in the evening, looking concerned, and asked "so uh...what are we supposed to be doing here? I mean, what's the point?".
Cracked me up.
Obviously, she's used to more planned parties, with games and contests. But the thought of rounding up 15 children ranging in ages from 2 to 8 and trying to organize something other than complete chaos intimidates me too much. So it's cupcakes and freedom to run wild for me!

Is he about to bonk the princess on the head?

We are excited about going trick or treat tomorrow night! Last year, Hans had just begun Chemo/Radiation and didn't feel well enough to walk the neighborhood, but this year he is so much better and I look forward to walking as a family again.


jen b said...

I think your party sounds fabulous, no agenda I love it. Enjoy your Halloween as a family.

Jenn said...

your cupcakes look beautiful! is that all one piece or did you stack cake servers? it looks divine. and it sounds like a wonderful party. I am glad you will get to enjoy your Halloween properly this year, with everyone well and feeling fine!

amy rue said...

Hey Jenn! Thank you so much for the compliment.

I stacked three servers of different sizes for the cupcakes. I LOVE these servers...they are enamel on metal and so pretty.