Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Squish Your Head!

We had a perfect Fall morning making Halloween Cupcakes
They were going to be complete little skeletons on each cupcake, but we got lazy so they are just little skelly heads.

I squish your head!
The children and I poked holes in mini marshmallows with skewers, and then filled the holes with sprinkles to make a face. Some marshmallows ended up as cyclops or they had tiny devil horns. we eat you!


Later we hit the annual Georgia Marble Festival in Jasper, Georgia. This is only the second year in something like 13 years that Hans and I haven't been working a booth there selling his Father's marble sculptures and planters. Our area is full of marble, in the yard of our previous home there were huge chunks of white and pink marble all over the yard and supporting the house itself. Heavy crap to move around.


Hans is printing our Halloween Party invites for all of the kids in the 'hood right now.

Lots and lots of fun with munchkins running all over the house in their costumes! Gotta make more cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

those little skeleton heads are so cool - what a clever idea.

bellaconda said...

Oh I love those cupcakes, the marshmellow skeleton heads are so ingenious!