Friday, November 03, 2006

Gettin' an itch and scratchin' it twice.

The Halloween decorations are down and I'm feeling that Christmas itch. The past couple of nights I've been ordering vintage ribbons and fabrics for the Holiday Lumplings. Where would Lumplings be without late night Ebaying and online fabric stores? We live rather far out from decent fabric and thrift stores, and the internet is a blessing for supplies.
~Single layer pink dress on a green minky Lump~
I've been working on the Lumpling dresses again. The newest style is just like a child's pillowcase dress...a tube of fabric with armholes cut out and ribbon threaded through the top.
I made a darling one for Ella out of a vintage embroidered pillowcase and she refuses to wear it, so we'll see if the Lumplings prove easier to please!

I dunno though...they do kind of look like maternity dresses. Roly poly waddling pregnant Lumplings? Noo...lumplings don't do that!

~Double layer pillowcase dress on a velveteen Lumpling~

My favorite book lately is this fantastic guide of Japanese children's fabrics. Full of adorable and inspiring images like the bunnies below.


Kate said...

Amy,the shorter dresses don't look maternity at all, just "little girlish". The longer ones kinda do.
I can't wait to see the new herd!!!

Sara said...

Amy Rue, I MUST have a holiday lumpling! I tried to sign up for your news letter and kept getting an error page.

My name is Sara and my email address is

I just know my daughter would LOVE a special Lumpling in her stocking this year, goodness I want one myself.


Cecilia said...

I just have to chime in and say I agree with Kate on the dress thing. I like that you're adding clothing to some of your lumplings. I especially love the ones with the extra long furry fabric (don't remember what it's called). So cute!

Jackie said...

I agree with Kate on the dress thing too. The fabrics are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the Holiday bunch. I'm glad to know all celebrated Halloween together.

J Bauer

Ps Jolie named her Lumpling Woobie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Rue,

That fabric with all the tiny bunny baby things on it is just too much. I have to smile everytime I
look at it.

Too much time on my hands,

Anonymous said...

I need a weenie goober :) or a lumpy.