Sunday, November 19, 2006

red & green find a way

Thank you to everyone for your sweet thoughts and comments on Friday.
You can't feel too very alone in blogland, I'm finding!
teensy red & green lady apples that Ella went ga-ga for at the market.
Finn polished one off in four bites.
Love those fuzzy little stems.

Ella and I made two of these button trees today while Hans was actually baking. Hans Baking?

I stayed very quiet about it and didn't question him. I can't remember the last time he decided to make cakes and muffins. Sure, sure, he's a famous chef in these parts, but won't usually bake unless he has to. Baking requires measuring...he hates that!

But the blueberry corn muffins? To die for.

When Hans went to the market today a man came up to tell Hans how much he loves his cooking show and how he followed him on the Food Network. This happens every day, so not too alarming, except then the man wanted to look in Hans' shopping buggy to see what he was buying. Wouldn't you know this was the day that I sent Hans out to buy a huge supply of Toilet paper?!?

Jeez louise.

Our car still isn't ready. Hopefully it will be by Thanksgiving so we can make a trip to my Grandma's several hours away.

But living in a small town has friendly perks. The body shop manager called me on Friday to give a progress report and was worried that the car won't be ready by Thanksgiving. He has offered that we take his brand new suv on our trip!

How nice is that? Super freaking nice!

I told him no, of course...jeez, we might smack another deer on the road!



good picture

Anonymous said...

Amy, I have found that even if you are reluctant to borrow someone elses car...or anything of value, if they offered it with sincerity you give them a blessing by accepting. It's what we as a people should be doing daily. If there is a need and you can help well why not. I like to think of it as the brotherhood /sisterhood of man. God would want it that way. Enough preaching. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Love the button tree idea.
J Bauer