Friday, November 10, 2006

pin, little doggy, pin!

Have I introduced my little pin dog? I have a habit of adopting old planters from antique/junk stores, and for years they've just been sitting around looking cute. But once I started to sew and realized that I must have a pin cushion for every room in the house, my planters gained a new life! I've also attacked vintage egg cups and small tea cups with my pin cushion making frenzy, but this little pink dog with his blank stare and cracked body is my favorite.
If you would like to make your own little pin pal:
First, weight the bottom with either pea gravel or sand.
Next, cut a circle of fabric and run a loose stitch around the edges with sturdy upholstery thread.
Pull the thread ends a bit to form a pouch, and stuff it firmly with poly fill or wool.
Now pull the threads tight and knot them.
You can now tuck this little poof into the planter. If it doesn't feel sturdy enough, you can run a bead of hot glue around the edges before putting the poof in, but I usually just lodge it in there tightly in case I ever want to change the fabric.
I've been making a little dress for Ella this week, and that has required a lot of ironing. Hans gets a bit giddy when I'm on an ironing spree and unloads all of his shirts on my ironing table. He says that he likes the way the house smells when I iron, and I have to agree that it has almost as much of a welcome home smell as cookies in the oven. But I think that he's really just playing on my domestic side so that I keep ironing and he keeps smooth shirts.
I keep a silver creamer filled with water and a drop of lavender water next to the iron for frequent refills, and that Dritz ezy-hem? It's a handy gadget for the hemming impaired like me.
If anyone makes a pin pal, send pictures! I'd love to see them!


carolyn said...

This little pink pin pal is so adorable, what a brilliant idea. I'm going to look out for something suitable when thrifting so that I can make ont to.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Love it!