Tuesday, July 25, 2006

thanks go out to everyone for adopting pillows and lumplings last week. I love taking huge stacks of boxes to the post office. I either get a nice post lady who chuckles when she sees it coming, or a grumpy one that sighs and slams things around. Last year I had one make me cry and she's been reeeaaal nice to me ever since. The whole 'don't upset the crazy ones' thing. Hans and I have been known to go to the little village of Tate, where we used to live, for their post office; the ladies there are the nicest ever. When we aren't in a hurry, it's worth the extra drive.

Last Saturday the kids got these cute little squirt cars from their Dairy Queen happy meals.

Finn turned it upside down and decided that it looked like an even cuter toy...with headlight eyes, nubby arms and a square belly. So that night, I made a plushie for him...of course, I added funny little ears and longer legs. I used felted wool for his body and belly pocket. He's a bit primitive, but my first ones usually are. I gave him to Finn as a going back to school gift and he was pretty tickled.

I have more pillows in the works, but blogger is being stubborn about letting me upload more pictures today... I'll have to add the pillow pictures later. There are more Lumplings in the works too, so hopefully I will have an update soon. I have also ordered a new product for the amyrue shop that I'm pretty excited about; little euro cases of pressed paper that will be the perfect size for Lumplings, doll clothes, tiny quilts and other small treasures. I can't wait to see Ella's face when she spots them...they are perfect for small children. We'll have pink, baby blue and red.


Laurie said...

That is adorable! And I love how you came up with the design. Very original indeed!

vegasandvenice said...

Oh cute!

mo said...

I take the kids to dairy Queen every other week for a lunch date- they have the best kids meals (ice cream AND a toy!)and the toys are always fun. I love how he looked at his chubby car and your interpretation is great. We have a post office in a grocery store here where everyone knows us (I ship a lot for my business too) and its such a nice place to go-how lucky are we? I have never cried at the post office but I think I have cried twice at Home Depot!