Monday, July 31, 2006

Our wee cardboard valises have arrived!
My daughter, Ella, almost passed out when she saw the pink ones.
There are three sizes and we have them in cherry red, baby blue (holy crap..I typed baby Glue!)and girly pink.
They'll be going up at very soon!

Finn & Ella are so vain that it makes me laugh. When they see the camera in my hands, the posing and preening starts, and if I don't take the hint immediately, they'll soon demand a picture. Now that they are getting older, I see myself in their faces... silly expressions, serious ones and definitely the mad looks. Ella has my pissed off face down out world, you thought that I was scary? Pfft... Ella will have everyone on their knees.
Can't help but be proud.

Funny little Neko is getting bigger. Her fur is so strange.. it used to be solid black, but now her body is going grey with stripes, while her face and paws stay black. I've never seen a cat marked this way. I saw her brother yesterday and he is three times bigger than her! Neko is the runt, but I didn't realize just how much smaller she is.

Hans is in New York right now, he and his coworkers are going on tv studio tours and in the morning Hans is going to be a guest on Dan & Steve's show . He's very excited to see Dan & Steve and everyone else at Food Network. When Hans was in the hospital, everyone at Food Network sent the most beautiful flowers to him...huge arrangements! Hans' room looked like a jungle.

You'd think that I would be getting a ton of sewing done while I'm all lonely...but no, I've been looking online for the kid's halloween costumes ( and mine!). We start getting excited about Halloween early around here. Finn is going to be a glow in the dark skeleton, Ella will be Cinderella and I will be a Pirate lady. Had to order a new corset as my old one that I used to wear clubbing is a bit too...well, revealing. Don't want to scare the neighbors that way!

I'm ready for Fall!


Lara said...

That is the cutest little kitten. I love her colouring!

Jackie said...

Your children are adorable - no wonder they're vain! Mine do the same thing (they're older, but some things never change). Now that I take more pictures with the blog and all, I have to just humor them with a couple of shots just so I can go about my business! I'll be looking for those cute valises on your shop site - love those!

tender arts said...

Hi Amy, You probably don't remember me, but I used to be a frequent commenter at your old live journal blog. I also used to post a lot on Hans' blog. I think I was one of the first people to see your very sad posting the day you got the news about the cancer. I followed along until late fall when my own husband got sick (nothing as hard as cancer) and lost touch with the Ruefferts. I just wanted to pop in say how happy I am that you are all doing so well. The children and lumplings are all beautiful! So, that's it. I think I feel a need to apologize for losing track of you all. Which is silly, since you don't know me from Adam, but I'm sorry anyway. I'm sending all manner of good wishes for the tests later this month. With kind regards,

Anonymous said...

I bet your kitten has some siamese in her. Siamese typically have darker faces and tails and sometimes the legs are darker too.