Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shakin' it all off

First, I want to thank everyone for the sweet words and thoughts that were sent our way after my last post. It really does truly make a difference when you are going through something difficult to have that support.
Here is a sneak peek of some Lumplings and a pillow that will be going up in the shop soon.
I have three more pillows just waiting to be finished at my side. I'll attack them in just a minute!
I think that I've finally figured out Lumpling dresses. For the most part anyway. And this little gal in the picture is wearing the newest Lumpling design. She's awfully snotty about it too. Total Lump attitude.

I've also been selfishly working on a quilt for me. Ella is so offended that I would dare make something with pink fabric and not give it to her.
I'm in the middle of quilting it and then I have to figure out the binding. The binding is always the hardest part for me.
I started by just pulling out all of the fabrics that I'm loving right now. I have some sort of problem when it comes to cutting into a lovely piece of new fabric; it seems bad somehow.
I spend a lot of time with the fabric after I find it; it's washed and then pressed, with lavender water, no less! I fold it and squirrel it away in my fabric closet. And then when I go to start a new project, I fret about cutting it!

Tomorrow is Hans' birthday! 34! Hopefully this year will be much better to him!


Jenn said...

that quilt looks just amazing! and I am in love with lumplings. I will be watching your site for new ones!
I hope all is well with your hubby and that you can enjoy a wonderful birthday this year!

Alicia A. said...

Lovely quilt.

Happy Birthday to Hans!

weirdbunny said...

I just love the quilt it's stunning. Pillows cute too.

anniecars said...

Is the drawing of the little girl for you site your daughter? It looks like her, you have a lovely family. just wondering, i'm nosy that way.

Anonymous said...

Love the lumplins, especially the bunny. Pretty quilt as well.