Friday, July 21, 2006

Isn't is too early?

Just a sneak peek of the tiny herd that will be showing up on at
Noon (eastern) today.
How many Lumplings does it take to make a herd?

I woke up early today just to get them ready. But then I realized that it isn't very fair
to everyone on the west coast if I put them up for adoption this early!
It was overcast yesterday so the pictures really aren't the best and I was a flibbertigibbet and forgot to put on the name tags. They have tags now!
Once the pictures go up, email me at if you see one that you'd like to adopt.
Sometimes they go faster than I can type or update the site, so if the Lumpling has already been spoken for I will email with an apology! If it hasn't, I'll send a Paypal invoice to you!
Oh! With such a tiny herd, it will be one Lumpling per person! Thank you!


vegasandvenice said...

Oh I always miss these releases! I have to be more careful from now on *smile*

Miss Dot said...

we need a new collective noun.. instead of a herd of lumplings, how about a "stuffing of lumlings" ?