Monday, July 17, 2006

Kitty drama halts Lumpling production!

Hans on his birthday. His day started out with being in charge of the kids while I had some tests on my foot at the hospital. And then the poor sucker had to go into work.
I did manage to send him a large sunflower arrangement to his work with an obnoxious birthday balloon. That evening we went to see Pirates and we all had a great time there.
Ella told me "You and Dada are pirates. Yeah, and I'm gonna kill you". Isn't she a sweet little thing?
That afternoon the newest and smallest member of our family came to stay.
Please meet little Neko, our kitten:
Only a few hours later, my 14 year old cat, Tiggy was sunning herself on the back deck when a strange dog came and attacked her. I chased him off, but I knew that he had gotten her because her fur was covered in dog saliva. I got her in and she seemed to be in shock, but I couldn't find any blood or wounds. At this point she was able to run and hide under a bed.
Tiggy stayed under the bed the next day, but she would play with a string and purr every time that I came to check on her. I kept telling myself that she was hiding because of the new kitten or the loud work as our kitchen was being redone.
Finally, at four o'clock, I lifted up the mattress and got her out of there. She could hardly walk! Her hips didn't seem to move the right way.
Cursing myself for not getting her out earlier, I called her vet and the receptionist said that they wouldn't see her!! What? She's injured! Grr. Never going back to Wayside Animal Clinic in Jasper again!
I took her to a new place farther away and everyone there was the best! From the receptionist to the nurses, they all cooed and fawned over Tiggy.
If you want to get on my good side...kiss my cat's butt.
Yeah, I'm totally ok with being the crazy cat lady on a hill some day. I'm halfway there with the crazy part down pat.
They took xrays, expecting to find her bladder popped, because she tinkled blood on the counter. The xrays came out fine! But they did find three or four deep puncture wounds on her body. How did I miss those!?
Tiggy now has shaved spots and staples for the larger wounds. I have to give her pain killers and antibiotics every day. Today, four days after her attack is the first day that she's gotten up to actually walk around the house.
So please forgive me for not updating the amy rue shop! I have to find a good way to sew with a kitten about. Neko sat on my head while I tried to sew, but then she launched off to attack the sewing machine! Not good!
I promise that we'll have new items up soon!
There are a few Lumplings, pillows and a Violet perfume from France that are all just waiting to be snatched up!


Jenn said...

what a sweet kitty! and hoorah to you for helping a little fuzzy one in need...

Kristy said...

Aww poor pusscat!One of my old girl kittys got hurt last week.We didn't know a thing until her face swelled up.She's 18 and really hates vets so we treated her at home and she's on the mend.Hope you kitty feels much better soon!

Lindsey (Yankee Girl Designs) said...

Oh poor kitty, give her lots of love and snuggles >^..^<

h&b said...

Poor Kitty !!!

I am going through some 'old cat not adjusting' issues myself at the moment, so I can sympathise.

Lucky I haven't had to deal with any strange angry dogs mauling my beloveds though :(

Anonymous said...

Take care of kitty. Kitty love comes before blogs.

k8tykat said...

i can't believe your former vet wouldn't see her. what in the world are they in business for if they won't see injured pets??