Saturday, June 03, 2006

This is my life and this is how it reads
For every chapter, a thousand memories
A murder, a mystery where everybody bleeds
A fantasy, a thriller with romance and disease
-Beautiful South

My beautiful Thistles that Hans risked life and limb for.
I was seriously worried when he called on his way home from work and told me that he had something for me. Worried because in the past couple of weeks he has brought home two huge old travel trunks and an old chest of drawers. I've also had to pull him away from this monster desk at the thrift store that he desperately wanted. So, yeah, I was worried that we were going to be looking at more furniture.
I was all tickled that he had brought flowers for me...and not just any flowers, but flowers that he had gone out and cut himself.
But then...what's that behind him? What? It's rather big...looks like wood. Oh dear. A table. Somehow the boy managed to find an old coffee table to rescue.
See... I know when to worry. People don't believe me...they don't listen or they think that I'm just paranoid. But I'm usually right!
So now I've got two trunks to clean up, a table to paint and find a new top for and a chest of drawers to paint and find a new top for as well. Oy!

Several weeks ago I started finding marbles for the kids and they have been thrilled with their new shiny little friends.

See...I knew they were my kids. My kind cannot resist round and shiny.

Today, I pulled out my old marble and bouncy ball collection. I cleaned it all up and gave the marbles to the kid. Well...most of them. I had to hold onto the big ones! And most of my bouncy balls stayed in my jar.

When I worked at a large bookstore, my friend, Steph and I would always sneak into the back room and go nuts with the bouncy balls when no one was looking. We would always end up laughing so hard and yelling as we chased them that we were found. I don't remember anyone ever telling us that we couldn't do it, though. Mainly, they just looked confused...and maybe a little frightened. When faced with two girls laughing so hard they are crying and panting from running and yelling things to each other that could never make sense to another human's ears, then I guess frightened makes sense.

Sometimes I still get to talk to Steph on the phone, it's even more rare that I see her, but we still act like loons around each other.

Speaking of loons.... the kids painted a birdhouse today. I spread out some craft paper on the kitchen floor and got out the brushes and paint and away they went!

Finn and Ella are staggeringly proud of their paint job.

I don't know if any birds will actually come live in this poor little house. Maybe a crazy, artsy, poet reading, weed smokin' little bird will fly by and see the potential.

I've been sewing and we have a few large Lumplings about done, but then I decided that some of them needed baby Lumps, so now I'm almost done with tiny Lumplings. I'm also working on a couple of pillows that will go on the site soon!

This isn't a huge herd, so I don't know if I'll even do a mass mailing to announce them. Probably it will just be here that I mention it.


Terry Godfrey said...
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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The bird that comes to live in that little house will be one with not so many feathered friends, a bird who flies the road less travelled, I think she would be the bird friend for me!!
Your post are delightful!