Saturday, May 27, 2006

Don't you mess with a little girl's dream
'Cause she's liable to grow up mean

Little deflated Lumplings, just waiting to be stuffed! My big incredible ironstone pitcher that we found in Texas.
One day after all of Hans' doctor appointments, our friend, Don, picked us up and took us to an antique mall.
My first accomplishment there was to break a tiny child's tea cup. That is the first time in my life that I've done that and to say that I was mortified is an understatement. Luckily, I was going to buy the tea set anyway!
And then I saw this gorgeous pitcher way up high, and yay for me that both Hans and Don are way freaking tall and could reach it! I collect ironstone pitchers when they are cheap, but usually they are way pricey. This one was marked at just $32, which is a great price, but Don got this determined look in his eye that I didn't quite trust. He asked a lady if she could do better on the price (at this point, I shoved the pitcher into his arms and ran behind a display), She sighed and said that she could go to $27, and Don made a very disappointed noise at her and told her that he would give her $25 and take it today! She agreed! I was so impressed! I rarely bargain...sometimes at outside flea markets and yard sales, but never at an antique store cause the women usually look at me like I might break something ( like a doll tea cup!).
Then, wrapped in the bubble wrap and nestled in a big bag that Don and his brother, Ron gave me, I carried my lovely pitcher home on the plane. The lady at security laughed at me as I hovered around my bag when I explained what was in it.

This morning Hans took the kids to the local Farmer's Market and brought back these gorgeous eggs. The small ones are a light mint color. They are so pretty that I had to take pictures today. Hans looked a little worried about my attachment to the mint eggs and warned me that he will cook with them... and soon. He also brought a tiny gingko home for me! I tried to dig a hole for it tonight, but ran into rock and got pissed off. Then Hans wanted to try, even though he knew it would hurt his side too much..and it did. Then our neighbor, Nate gave it a try and ended up suggesting dynamite. Tomorrow I'll attack it again.

Today was hot and miserable in North Georgia, but it was still a great day to go junkin around town. We hit the thrift store where I found an ironstone soap dish for 25 cents. It's beautiful, with pretty crazing throughout.

Then, we went to an antique store that we pass a lot, but never bothered to explore. They had so much stuff, but nothing in my price range. Which, I admit, my price range is really small! They did have a great cat that tried to come home with us, and when we wouldn't put it in the car, he threw himself in front of the wheels in protest and I had to get out and chase him. That cat looked at me like I had just broken his fuzzy little heart.

Last, we went to my favorite antique spot where we found these old salt shakers (I'll put baking soda and bergamot scent in them and keep them near the sink for cleaning) for 50 cents, this old hand carved box for $10, an old metal egg basket for $3 and a mahogany table that needs work for $15. More than I usually spend, but it makes my spirit lighter and I love to clean up our little treasures so that they shine once again.

A great day for junkin, indeed! I like the scratch and dent stuff, not the fine antiques. If it has chips and crazing, I love it all the more.

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