Monday, May 22, 2006


Here is a sneak peek at the Lumplings coming up
for adoption tomorrow. It's a small herd of only seven.
A couple of them have dresses and some have babies.
I'm not taking preorders for these guys...I just wanted to give a peek!
But now that Hans and I are home and his doctors think
that he's doing fine I can concentrate on sewing some more
Lumpling herds!
Hans and I will go back to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in August for his one year checkup since surgery. He will have a lot of tests for that one and if all goes well, we switch to going every six months for tests.
Sometimes I feel really at ease at that Hospital...hell, I've wandered around there in my pajamas and striped socks when we were basically living there for almost eight weeks. The hotel staff knows us and we see people that we know in the cafeteria and halls of the hospital. You know that you are at a place where cancer is or has touched everyone there...and maybe they understand just what we are going through. The night after Hans' first surgery, I was making my way back to the hotel (they wouldn't let me stay with him when he was in icu) and a lady just came up and started hugging me in the lobby. She didn't even have to ask me what was wrong... her husband was also at the hospital, but she had the courage to smile and encourage me. But this past visit as we were in the waiting room of Hans' oncologist, a pretty lady and her husband came out and she was just crying so pitiful, and her husband's eyes were red and tearful, too. They had just gotten bad news from our same doctor and it made it difficult for me to breathe. A reality check, for sure. Not that I've been able to step away and live in a fantasy about cancer... I think about it constantly.
Whew... but anyway.. I need to sew for my sanity.


Belle-ah said...

Have you noticed how Target apprenetly has taken a peek at your little creations and found some inspiration for the little creatures they are now using for summer displays? Hmmmmm?

Liz H said...

My husband and I adopted Dipsy and Doodle!!! We are so happy! I found a link to your websie awhile back and fell in love with the lumplings! As a new mom, my daughter and I are up in the wee hours most days, and have loved reading your blog and Hans' too. It's wonderful that he is doing well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations.