Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mother, Father, I think that I would rather
Stay at home with you for another year
That building is so tall
and it makes me feel so small
That I might get lost and simply disappear
~The Housemartins~

Finn is officially done with Kindergarten.

He really did learn a lot this year; from reading and writing to basic math.

I only remember coloring in Kindergarten. There was a lot of that going on in Finn's class too, and one day he came home kind of sad because a friend told him that he didn't color nicely, that he only "scribble-scrabbled". Hans and I let him know that we would much rather that he colored outside of those lines, so that his works of art are always unique. And he can draw so very well! Lots of skulls with funny little captions like "I stink" under them.

He wrote on my mother's day card that he wouldn't even trade me for a kangaroo. Hans had to put some thought into that one and asked Finn if he was really sure about that, what if that Kangaroo had a baby kangaroo in it's pouch and then you would have TWO kangaroos, he asked. Finn pondered that for a moment and decided that I was still better. Dang, it was close!

The Kindergarten program today was a disaster. They are redoing the floor where the stage is...brilliant move on the last week of school, you goof everyone was packed into the cafeteria. People were getting hot and angry, one woman passed out and an ambulance had to come get her and the little kids were fed up and crying. Only maybe the first row of folks could see the kids singing. The rest of us were sad sardines.

Ella was busy flirting with a little boy to her side. And by flirting, I mean she was telling him that she was so much taller than him and could beat him up..if she wanted to, of course. That little boy stood up on his seat and had to point out the largest man in the room to his grandmother. When his grandmother shushed him, he kind of puckered his mouth in thought and then loudly said, "Weelll...He's still so fat he could eat me up!".with the cutest little southern drawl.

We mailed off almost all of the Lumplings. And I've already started on the next herd, but last night I took the time to finish this little Cinderella dress for Ella. She was thrilled to wear it today and I'm very happy with how nice it turned out.

So it is officially summer break for us! The mosquitos are out in force and the kids are looking forward to running in the sprinklers. Finn even wrote that his mom was cool because she let him play in the sprinkler. Water Ban be damned! I get brownie points from my munchkins when I let them run around all wet and crazy!

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Anonymous said...

Ella looks just like Hans in that wee picture, Amy! She is a wee little Hans in a (gorgeous handmade Cinderella) dress!
~Kim and Maddie