Saturday, June 10, 2006

There are some changes over at the Amy Rue site. I've added a 'home' section where we have Lumpling pillows and some of our favorite things that we want to share. Hans, the kids and I are in love with these little bonbons, so they are on there and I've added our favorite soaps.
This section will grow with some new products that will hopefully come in soon. I'll be adding pillows as I finish little Lumpling pillow is already on it's way to a new home!
Hans and I really want to open a small shop with stuff for the Home & Garden, so we decided to go ahead and get some of the items and put them on the websites.

Back in April, Amy at Inspire Company posted on her blog about Fairy doors popping up in Michigan.
And so I started obsessing about wanting a little door out in the garden.
I finally have my little door, but really what it has turned into is a Lumpling Cupboard, which is a perfect spot for Lumplings, who are rather like magpies, to stash and glue all of their treasures.
Here are pictures of Lumpling Cupboard No. 1.

This Lumpling has glued a few of his favorites in here; buttons, mirrors, a spoon, bottle cap, shiny glass and a wrapper from the best chocolate that he ever did snarf down.

I'm very happy with how the cupboard has turned out and maybe we will have more of them soon. I might put them on the amy rue site for sale with the Lumplings.

Speaking of Lumplings... here are three baby Lumps that are sitting and waiting in my button dish for finishing touches. And below is the next Lumpling Pillow top.

I really like to fix up little lamps, and this geisha is my newest victim. She has to be cleaned, rewired, and a perfect shade has to be found. But I already love her.


Amy said...

Oh, Amy! I love your Lumpling Cupboard! What a fantastic idea. I can't wait until you put them up. Also am waiting anxiously for the new crop of Lumplings. I hope I get one this time!

lulu said...

Amy, Amy!!! I'm so excited for you... can you tell?

The Lumpling Cupboard is running neck and neck with Ella's little vintage cup for " Most Darling Ever" prize. May I borrow your imagination for a few days?

All the other additions are such a treat too! Perfect compliments to the Lumpling herds.


vegasandvenice said...

Absolutely lovely!

Little Melfred's Studio said...

It's all so sweet -- I love your Lumplings, the darling cupboard and your lamp!

Kasra said...

rumor has it that bonnat chocolate cures, or at least curbs, that female cyclical mind-altering mood-swing thing...heh.