Monday, June 26, 2006

slap me on the patio

Here's a picture of the little peewee kitten that might be coming to live with us. She's a little bit bigger now, but still being bottle fed. Hopefully she'll come live with us soon.

I've never been able to leave well enough alone. So every six months, or so, I attack the amy rue site and redo the banner. Today was the day for it, and I also chucked the link to the 'news' page. I figure any real updating that I do will be here, on the blog, or to the email list. People will still be able to sign up on the email list from the 'about' page.
I do this to certain rooms in the house too. There are just some rooms that I feel an urge to move about every once in a while and then I feel much better...a huge sigh of relief. Maybe this is what they mean when someone says that they are 'sensitive to their surroundings'
Growing up, my bedroom was in a constant state of change. I'd move my huge old wrought iron bed around and my walls were always a collage of pictures torn from magazines and prints. The collage crept onto every wall and I would change them every few weeks.
The first house that Hans and I bought after we married was an abused guinea pig and Hans always joked that he would never know what color the walls would be when he got home from work every night.

snub nosed baby elepant

I came home yesterday to a message on the machine from my Father saying that my Uncle C.D. has passed away. And I know that I'm an awful person, because I sat there trying to work up some sort of sad feeling about it...and I just couldn't. Uncle CD was the worst sort of pervert; always trying to touch any female foolish enough to get near him. He was married to my Aunt Cooter (yes, when you live in the south...someone in your family will be called Cooter), and luckily they never had any children. I say Luckily because he would have molested them. He tried to get me alone so many times when I was little, but my brother and cousins were wise to Uncle CD's ways and would stick on me like glue. And my dad threatened his life once and my dad can be kind of scary when he wants, so that worked to keep CD away for years. Until I was old enough to tell him to back the hell up myself. He was a small man, in mind as well as stature.
A boy that I dated a long time ago came with me to meet my family one year. This guy was slender and had long I guess from the back he might have looked female. Or, if you were an old perv, he looked female. Because Uncle CD came up from behind and grabbed my boyfriend's butt with a "hey, pretty young thang" line, and almost died when he realized that he had just grabbed a man. It was a sweet moment for me and every other girl in my family.
Rest in Peace, you old perv and I sure hope you aren't buried within grabbing distance of a lady.


vegasandvenice said...

That kitten is so cute! That is a funny story, but I am sorry you had to deal with that in your youth too!

Oh love the new banner!

Ally Bean said...

Growing up, my bedroom was in a constant state of change.

change is good. shows that you're flexible and adaptable. at least that's what i tell myself when i get that re-arranging bug!

Little Melfred's Studio said...

When my kids were a little bit smaller they would ask before they left to visit their grandparents -- will the house be the same when we get back? Now it's more of a game -- when we come home from school what will mom have done? When I was younger not only would I do things in my room -- I'd rearrange the other rooms -- overnight while everyone slept... Loved, and identified, with your bedroom and hamster house stories!