Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Beware the Lumpling egos

Several months ago I received an email asking for some Lumplings for a movie set.
The movie is Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and it stars Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman. There's not a lot of information out on it yet. I think that it just wrapped up shooting.

The lady that wrote to me was super super nice and they needed the Lumplings like the week before. So I sat up until 3 am sewing, fell asleep with needle in my hand and woke back up at 6am to keep sewing, so that I could get this first batch of Lumplings in the above picture to Canada on time.
They said that the director liked "Fuzzy, with big ears". Which cracked me up to no end, because of my warped sense of humor.
I wasn't going to mention the movie on my website or the blog until I actually went to see it and checked out whether or not Lumplings made the cut.
But the Fedex man drove up about ten minutes ago...
And dropped off a box, marked LEGOS...
But it's a box with six worn little Lumplings. Lumplings that look like they've been to a plushie war.
There's one striped cat and her baby completely missing, the other cat has a hole in her cashmere leg, everyone else has heavy duty stitches in their backs where they were sewn to something and all of the tags, save one, are missing.
So, wow, what the hell happens on a movie set!?
I feel like a bad Lumpling mother, sending my newborns off to unknown lands where something..something bad happened to them. I'm worried about that one missing cat!
the kids are going to be excited that there's a fresh supply of Lumplings for them. I can't put these guys up for adoption because of the obvious wear and tear on them.
Now we wait until the movie comes out to see if the Lumplings even get shown. They are so small that it would be hard to pick them out of a crowd of neat toys.


Catzacc said...

That is so exciting! Why weren't you going to mention it?? I'm sure all Lumpling fans would like to hear. I hope they got in!

booda baby said...

Oooh! Little lumpity-dumpity-lumpling movie stars! Born to it, that's what I think. (I am sorry they had to find out the hard way, but anyone in the biz'll tell you. It's dog eat dog eat lumpling kitty world out there. We're happy you got any fuzzy stuff back.)

k8tykat said...

poor lumplings and kitties. but they are back home, well, minus one (but we probably shouldn't talk about that in front of them), and that's what matters.

Amy said...

Amy, this is very exciting. I'm sorry for all of their little battlescars. What in the world did they do to them, I wonder! I'm glad they are safe with you again.

~vicki said...

oh my my, i just found you via amy's inspire co. blog post could i have missed you and your lovely site?

and these lumpling exquisitely cute! it's no wonder they were discovered and put into the movies. how sad that they were abused so...but we all know that old hollywood story now don't we?

good luck with future lumpling success!


samantha said...

poor little lumplings - but you know I would be happy to adopt a lumpling that has a little wear and tear - it's a bit like going to the rescue shelter!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that any of the movie star herd made it back to momma. I will watch e-bay and try to bring the kidnapper to justice.
By the way do any of the abused need a good pharmacist or even a bad one? D2

Space Case Grace said...

Hey Amy, not sure if you have checked this out yet but I was having a look at the IMDB page for Mr. Magorium's and this made me think about you!