Thursday, April 12, 2007

Did you think that I had forgotten about you?
I'm surprised I remember my own name!
Since my last post I went on holiday to Germany with my husband, his parents and my two munchkins. We met up with all of Hans' Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and more Cousins, and basically took over a hotel in Celle for a couple of days.
I fell in love with Hameln, Germany, where the Pied Piper fairy tale is based. All of the cobblestone streets, crooked old buildings and lace fluttering from windows spoke to my desperate for history soul.
It's hard to find charm like that here in America. I go to Savannah whenever possible to feel something close.

We got home just in time to hunt for Easter eggs and get our baskets in place for the bunny to come calling.
And that Bunny had a frozen cotton tail! Winter returned to North Georgia, turning all of our beautiful blooms to mush. Hans and I garden somewhat obsessively, but luckily we hadn't planted anything new yet!
And now....I'm catching my breath. Giving my home some cleaning love and attention, and just enjoying being here.
I'm looking at next Tuesday, April 17th being the adoption day for Lumplings.
The website is finally back up and seems to be working (fingers crossed!), so I can finally give these guys new homes!
I will post the official day and time tomorrow, as well as email the information to the mailing list.


lelly said...

welcome home!

your cheery easter photos caught my attention this morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi--I live in Hannover, my husband works in Celle. I LOVE Celle. It's such a beautiful old town. We choose to live in Hannover because it is close to the International School. (We are Americans)
Glad you had a wonderful time.