Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh me, oh my, amyrue.com is still down and out!
Which means that any emails coming to amyrue.com are lost lost lost!

If amyrue.com comes back up before Easter, and you place an order, it will not ship until after Easter.
I just gotta hope that anyone placing an order feels curious enough to check the blog here!
I usually put a note up on the website when there will be an order delay, but with the site down like it is, I can't do that.
But, fingers crossed, everything should be back online and on track after Easter for the Lumplings to come up for adoption! I have about twelve of them...although a couple might end up in the Easter baskets of two very special wee rug rats.
Fuzzy Lumpling hugs & kisses to everyone until then!

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daverichards said...

Easter is certainly coming in a while now...and people everywhere are getting excited about it...and well for some really interesting resources and goodies just visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!